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The Power of the Landing Page

Landing Pages are built for specific marketing campaigns throughout Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Ads

Why have a Landing Page?

  • Showcasing of individual products or new product range/s
  • Target user searches relevant to their location
  • Creating Google Ads Direct Offers and Lead Magnets relevant to each adgroup.

How it Works

A Landing Page’s main purpose is to increase conversions. A conversion is the completion of any action by a current or potential customer that helps to facilitate growth for your business such as:

  • A Booking
  • Downloading a Piece of Content
  • Making a Purchase
  • Getting in Touch via a Lead Generating Form

A landing page helps your business by targeting a specific product or service with the right ingrediants to convert leads.

Landing Pages from $390

Researching your Industry and Competition

Developing a ‘Lead Magnet’ to generate a Business Lead

Setting up Automated Email Sequencing

Tracking User Behaviour


Google Ads enable Businesses to Showcase a Product or Service that the User is looking to Use or Buy RIGHT NOW, make it count today!

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Landing pages

Increase your ROI with Landing Pages for your website or new URL’s

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Create pages for all your products or services that are about that specific

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Having a dedicated page for a specific service with the number 1 goal – Conversions!