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Landing Page Developement

Landing Pages are built for specific Marketing Campaigns such as;

LinkedIn & Google Ad words.

Landing pages are used for;

  • Individual products or even new product range/s
  • Services for each suburb serviced

For anyone running a Google Adwords account, a dedicated Landing page enables your business, to advertise specific products or services in a highly content and lead generation manner. Giving your customers exactly what they want to see making it easy to navigate with the right ‘call to actions’ to generate your leads. These pages are called ‘conversion pages’ in essence. Landing Pages are One Page Websites which help increase engagement and also ROI for example;

You may have several Services you offer, your Adwords campaigns are dedicated to each Service or Product , instead of sending ALL your potential customers to a Homepage, send them to what they want! Information on that Product or Service.. and the best part, Apart from looking great and speaking the right language on that particular product or service, the page is designed to GENERATE LEADS!

Your landing pages can sit on a dedicated URL or sit within your existing Website.

How Landing Pages Help Your Business

A Landing Page’s main purpose is to increase conversions. A conversion is the completion of any action by a current or potential customer that helps to facilitate growth for your business such as

  • The Booking
  • Downloading a piece of content
  • Making a purchase
  • Getting in touch via a lead generating form

A Landing Page helps your business by targeting a specific Product or Service with the goal of conversion.

Google Ad words Landing Pages

A Landing page built for specific campaigns running in your Google Adwords account is another great way to increase conversions. Ask The Team how.

Adding More pages to your current Website

Having multiple pages built and added to your existing website adds value to your websites SEO and any other campaigns you are running in which you need more relevancy for.

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Landing pages

Increase your ROI with Landing Pages for your website or new URL’s

Product Only

Create pages for all your products or services that are about that specific

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Having a dedicated page for a specific service with the number 1 goal – Conversions!

Marketing Station clients believe that they are, in part, buying us. We are part of the decision that you make as to whether or not to give the business to us and our company. Because this is true, we have to make the decision easy by being someone worth choosing.

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